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Fixing Problems with Your Hot Tub Water

When your hot tub water is clean and clear, it should feel smooth and smell fresh. But local water sources, spa usage habits, or deferred maintenance can create an issue. If you notice poor water condition, consider the following:


Sometimes, the chemicals used to keep your hot tub or swim spa clean can create a smell when they react with bacteria or other particles. To fix this, you can try adding Marquis Water Clarifier, which helps to clump together the particles making them easier to filter out. Or you can use Marquis Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer from Hot Tub Republic to reduce these chemical levels and get your water back to smelling fresh. Using spa shock regularly can also help prevent these smells.

Remember, if it's time to clean your hot tub, follow the instructions in your Owner’s Manual. After cleaning, make sure to check the temperature, adjust the filtration settings, balance the water, and add sanitizer as needed


If your spa water appears dull, cloudy, or murky, there could be various factors at play. Firstly, ensure that the filter is properly installed. Then, assess whether cleaning or replacing the hot tub filter is necessary. Additionally, consider extending the duration of filtration cycles to accommodate spa usage patterns or the number of bathers. Other potential causes include:

  1. Excess dissolved organic compounds: Over time, spa sanitizer can neutralize bacteria and microscopic waste, leading to their accumulation and causing the water to appear dull or cloudy, along with a noticeable chemical odor. To address this, you can use Marquis® Water Clarifier, which helps clump together smaller dissolved solids for easier filtration. Another option is to add shock oxidizer (or "spa shock") to restore the water to a clean, odorless, and sparkling state. Regular use of spa shock can prevent cloudy water.
  2. Insufficient sanitizer: Low sanitizer levels can allow bacteria and other microbes to thrive, resulting in cloudy water. Follow the product instructions to add sanitizer and allow it to circulate adequately. Once the sanitizer level is normal, use shock oxidizer to eliminate any remaining contaminants. Only enter the spa once the water is clear, odorless, and the sanitizer level is back to normal.
  3. Hard water: If your local water source has high mineral content or if your spa water's total hardness exceeds 250 ppm, cloudy water may be due to an abundance of dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. If using Marquis® Metal and Stain Remover doesn't resolve the issue, excessive calcium may be the culprit. Follow the instructions in your Owner’s Manual to drain and refill the spa, and consider using a five-stage pre-filter garden hose attachment to reduce mineral content before refilling the spa. These attachments are available from your Marquis Dealer.

NOTE: If the spa has been neglected for an extended period of time, it should be drained, thoroughly cleaned, and refilled according to the Owner’s Manual. Afterward, check the temperature and filtration settings, balance the water and add sanitizer as noted on the test strip.